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Eastern Royal Tombs of Qing Dynasty Qingchui Mountain Zizi Club Lianfeng Mountain Gold Coast Snow Bridge
Gold Coast
IntroductionThe total coastline of the Gold Coast is 52.1 km, and is featured by sliver sand, so
Yansai Lake
IntroductionYansai Lake, also called Shihe reservoir, is located in the canyon 7 li northwest of
Geziwo Park
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Jiaoshan Mountain
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Jieshi Mountain
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Old Dragon Head
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Lianfeng Mountain
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Mengjiangnu Temple
IntroductionMengjiangnu Temple is situated o­n the Phoenix Mountain about 6 km east of the S
Nandaihe International Entertainment Center
IntroductionNandaihe International Entertainment Center is a large scale state-owned tourist ent
Qinhuangqiuxian Ruhaikou
IntroductionQinhuangqiuxian ruhaikou is the place that Emperor Qin Shi Huang ask eternity. It is
Middle Sea Beach
IntroductionMiddle Sea Beach attracts the greatest number of tourists since most of the bathing
 Qinhuangdao Aokailai Hotel adress: Qinhuangdao harbor area, western part of the Hebei Avenue, south side of Olympic Sports Ce 
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